Web Hosting

Web hosting has changed: prices are low, performance is high, and business-building add-ons are many.

Hosting companies now offer far more than security, bandwidth, and email; plans now include a website evaluation, Content Management System, blog, Google Ad Words campaign setup, Keyword analysis.

Companies that host with IDC get all that and more—for free. And unlike most companies, which cram a thousand sites onto one server and offer no technical support, IDC offers our time and expertise to help you get more from your site.

If your website is a few years old, you are probably paying too much for hosting and not getting the performance you deserve.

Take a minute to look at IDC’s hosting plans and see how quick and painless it can be to take your website marketing to the next level.

Why Host With IDC?

Many companies are scared of their websites, scared to move them, have trepidations about change. Many web development and hosting companies train people to be this way, to foster dependency.

At IDC, we say, “Take control—of your data, your website, and your future!”

The main benefit we offer is brainpower—access to a web marketing team that is as patient as it passionate. We are here to consult, create, and configure any solution that will improve your site.

Benefits of IDC Hosting Program
  • A Tier-1 hosting environment with state-of-the-art backups, power, and security
  • Properly allocated server resources for optimum performance
  • Dedicated secure site certificates to prevent unauthorized access
  • A modern, finely tuned firewall
  • Isolation of front facing web from back-end database services
  • 24x7x365 monitoring by on-site personnel
  • Customer service
Free Program Add-ons

What separates IDC from all other hosting companies is that we take the time to work with you, to configure your email, set up your blog, and get you started in search engine optimization and AdWords campaigns.

Customers who pre-pay for one year of IDC hosting can take advantage of:

  • Website Evaluation
  • Free Content Management System
  • Free Control Panel
  • Free Photo Gallery
  • Free Email configuration

Credit card customers get even more. Pre-pay for two years of IDC hosting and have access to:

  • Free Spam Filtering
  • Free Blog (including setup)
  • Free vTiger CRM hosting setup, a $995 value built right into the website
  • Free website statistics

Don’t let your site be stuffed on a server with a thousand others.

Take control!

Call (603) 433-1232 to learn more.