Simple SEO Audit

IDC’s Simple SEO Audit takes a more in-depth look at where your website stands right now. Our team of SEO experts performs an objective, high-level analysis of up to five pages of your site, its search engine rankings, and its performance on search terms you select. We provide concise information on how to increase the likelihood that people will find your website with the search terms you specify.

The Simple SEO Audit can be used by the more sophisticated "do it yourself" website owner or for someone who has a web developer who is not an SEO Expert. We provide the information; you do the optimization or if you prefer, we can implement all recommendations quickly and efficiently as a separate project. When reviewing your site, we take the whole user experience into account, and provide an in-depth analysis of three pages you select.

With the Simple SEO Audit, in addition to the analysis from our Simple Home Page Checkup you’ll receive:

  • Answers to why your website is under-performing
  • An overview and validation of three pages you specify
  • An overview your specified search terms and why you’re not being found on them
  • Advice on powerful alternatives to current webpage titles, tags and Meta Descriptions that will help your search engine rankings immediately
  • Links to tools where you can discover keyword-, and long-tail phrases that will drive qualified traffic to your site

Analysis of one path through your site -- you choose. If your homepage is not leading to the action you want your visitors to take, we can find out why. If shopping carts are being abandoned, we can analyze why that is, whatever usability problem you have, we will analyze one and provide detailed usability analysis.

One-hour phone consulting time. Use your phone time to:

  • Review the report in detail
  • Implement changes
  • Have us review what you’ve done

You can also split up your call into two half-hour sessions which can be useful if you have questions before you begin and want to review after you've implemented some of our suggestions.

SEO Packages

IDC has developed a suite of proprietary tools and a range of product offerings designed to meet the web marketing needs of any company or organization.

All IDC SEO programs include these basic components:

While each website is unique, they're all made of the same stuff. Our process ensures we cover all the bases while also capturing what’s unique about your site.

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