IDC’s SEO Process

IDC provides a customized approach for each client that may include hands-on optimization of your site, consultation as you and your web developer optimize your site, or SEO training depending on your specific situation, partnerships, technical resources, and goals.

These are the actual steps we follow for our full-service optimization clients. If you are opting to just have us perform a site audit, the rest of the steps are up to you to complete or we'll be happy to do them for you as a separate project.

First Step: SEO Audit

IDC works closely with clients to establish benchmarks based on analytics and to set realistic goals. Once launched, IDC provides customized reports to build program effectiveness. Any program starts with a SEO Audit.

IDC’s SEO Audit establishes the baseline from which you will measure the effectiveness of your optimization program. The major difference between the plans is the number of pages covered and how much keyword research we do on your behalf.

  • SEO Homepage Checkup checks only the homepage of your site and uses up to 5 customer provided keywords.
  • SEO Simple Site Audit checks the home page and up to five internal pages. We will provide the report on up to five keywords per page. Again, you provide the keywords and they may be different for each page.
  • SEO Full Site Audit we will perform a complete analysis on your entire site including keyword groups for sets of sub-pages based on client input and keyword analysis of your, and your competitors sites.

At the beginning of the audit, we add a few lines of tracking code to every web page that enables us to gather the information we need about who comes to your site, how they got there, how long they stayed, what they looked at, from which we produce a concise, simple, cleanly formatted report.

The main areas of measurement include:

  • Search engine rankings for key search terms
  • Number of inbound links
  • Number of visitors
  • Source of visitors (Google search, link from other website etc.)
  • Response to paid ads (newspaper, Google search, direct mail, etc.)
  • Length of stay on site
  • Pages viewed
  • Specific actions taken

Under our SEO Monthly plan, we repeat this monthly and provide a detailed report showing how well optimization efforts are working and using this information to track how well our efforts are paying off.

Second Step: Competitive Analysis

Initial Site Evaluation

Initial Evaluation: IDC evaluates website and the competitive environment in which it will compete, providing a statistical analysis to discover how people are currently finding your site, and an evaluation of competing sites to develop effective optimization strategies.

Keyword & Phrase Development: Based on research and customer input, IDC uses several tools to determine the most productive keywords and search phrases people looking for your products or services might use. We specifically target ‘long tail’ phrases since these most specific terms will get you the most qualified leads.

Link Analysis: IDC makes sure that your website contains only relevant links, and that your site is linked to every site that can raise its search profile. We also identify all directories that should include your site including industry-specific associations and service and product directories. We also make sure your business is properly registered to appear on any local Google Maps searches.

Search Engine Submission: IDC automatically submits updated sites to “the big three,” (Google, Yahoo, and MSN), which account for over 95 percent of all Internet searches, as well as all minor search engines that scan them.

Site Map File: IDC will manage your Google SiteMap files to ensure that additions are registered immediately.

Third Step: SEO Program Maintenance

Search Engine Optimization is a process, not an event. The best results come with commitment to the development of a website serving as the hub of an integrated marketing plan.

Tracking: IDC tracks keyword density and page score each month for all sites it monitors to specify how a site is being found on the web.

Reports: IDC delivers a graphical, web-based report each quarter that tracks your website’s exposure in the primary search engines and tracks trends over time.

Fine-Tuning: Each quarterly report includes site recommendations. IDC monitors keyword effectiveness, make necessary adjustments, and reviews edits to ensure changes won’t negatively affect search engine rankings.

Advertising Options: IDC researches the viability of participating in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising programs such as Google AdWords, which can provide an instant jump in positioning. IDC can create a PPC campaign that delivers the lowest price per click for the most qualified traffic.

Marketing Integration: IDC consults with clients on how to profit from search engine optimization programs by integrating website activity with all ongoing marketing and communications activities.

SEO Packages

IDC has developed a suite of proprietary tools and a range of product offerings designed to meet the web marketing needs of any company or organization.

All IDC SEO programs include these basic components:

While each website is unique, they're all made of the same stuff. Our process ensures we cover all the bases while also capturing what’s unique about your site.

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