The SEO Home Page Checkup provides information, for the do-it-your-self type or for your web developer who might not be a Search Engine Expert. It gives clear, concise steps to take to improve your results FAST.

Unlike our more in-depth reports, we only look at the home page of your site since it is the most important one to optimize.

Our SEO Home Page Checkup Report is a quick, easy-to-understand, one-page summary showing where you are in the search results for the terms you want to be found on all the major search engines, includes an analysis of your home page, and gives you the simple steps you can take today to improve your site’s search engine rankings.

For a more in-depth look at how your site is performing, see our SEO Simple Site Audit which will take a more thorough look at the pages inside your site that could be helping your search engine rankings but are probably not even being scanned by Google rendering them, and you, invisible to the people searching for your products or services.

SEO Packages

IDC has developed a suite of proprietary tools and a range of product offerings designed to meet the web marketing needs of any company or organization.

All IDC SEO programs include these basic components:

While each website is unique, they're all made of the same stuff. Our process ensures we cover all the bases while also capturing what’s unique about your site.

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