Web site aids those with breast cancer
June 7, 2006
BreastCancerStories.com has launched a Web site intended to help those going through breast cancer treatment communicate with  loved ones and one another.

Portsmouth Herald, June 7, 2006

PORTSMOUTH - BreastCancerStories.com has launched a Web site intended 
to help those going through breast cancer treatment communicate with 
loved ones and one another.

Breast cancer patients are provided with their own unique Web address 
where they can write and upload diary entries and photos. Friends and 
family members can visit their loved one?s Web site whenever they 
want, follow their story and leave messages of support.

Newly diagnosed breast cancer patients can search through an index of 
stories based on age, location, type of cancer and type of treatment, 
find someone similar to them, and follow their story.

BreastCancerStories.com was developed to further enhance the support 
systems that are already in place today.

"BreastCancerStories.com is the mechanism that brings both patient and 
loved one together enabling them to communicate and stay in touch via 
the Internet, at their own pace, when it's comfortable for them," says 
Wendy McCoole, executive director.

The Web site was conceived by McCoole early in 2005. Shortly after she 
was diagnosed with breast cancer, she started on online diary to keep 
family and friends updated as she progressed through her treatments. 
The Web site was passed on and read by many hundreds of people, at 
which time she decided to create a similar site so others could share 
their stories as well.

The site was developed by Integrated Development Corporation, a 
Greenland-based company whose content-management technology enables 
BreastCancerStories.com and the story writers to update their own Web 
site content. In addition, Portsmouth-based NE Video Productions is 
donating its time to develop a video that will be sent to hospitals 
and cancer centers to make them aware of the Web site and the benefits 
it provides.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled for June 28 at the Redhook 
Brewery at Pease International Tradeport.

BreastCancerStories.com is a nonprofit organization providing a free 
online community for those diagnosed with breast cancer to write, 
read, and share their journey with loved ones and with one another.

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